Mission tIMELINE

Race The Moon

11 April 2021, Sunday

Race The Moon is a cumulative race against the Moon. The mission is a collaboration led by @RaceTheMoonHQ who are responsible for mission management, operations and challenge control.

Participants known as Challengers will chase down the Moon by running, riding, wheeling or walking 1.5 million miles,(yes we know its 1.49 million miles), before the Moon completes its full orbit of the Earth in a Sidereal month.

Social Media

Here at Mission Control we are relying on you to share photos of your virtual race experiences. Take selfies and pictures in you race t-shirt, and take part in our themed mini-missions. Throughout the mission we will be posting to our social media channels and encourage you all to do the same. Tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and use the hashtag #RaceTheMoon.

11th April 2022
Race The Moon Gathering
16th April 2022
Race The Moon Begins
28 Days
Race The Moon Challenges
16th May 2022
Race The Moon Celebrations

Mission Event 28 in 28

Objective: 28 in 28 Days!

“If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.”

Challengers are asked to move every day for 28 days.

It’s your mission, you set your own goal. You can run, walk, wheel, cycle, swim and more, after all, it’s #YourRaceYourPace as you #RaceTheMoon.

All challengers competing 28 Miles in 28 Days will be entered into a Prize Draw to win…

Mission Event Equatorial Circumnavigation

Objective: The 25K or Circumnavigation

#The25K #Circumnavigation

#RaceTheMoon #YourRaceYourPace

“Don’t stop until you’re proud”

Challengers will be asked to complete a circumnavigation of the world, a mission of 24,901 miles,(the circumference of the earth at its widest point), following a perfect circle around the planet.

All challengers competing in the Circumnavigation will be entered into a Prize Draw to win…

Mission Event The Four Continents

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency.”

Challengers will be asked to deviate from creating the perfect circle route around the world.

Crossing both land and water The 4’ C’S will see Challengers visit some of the worlds greatest wonders, as well as dressing to impress, covering 34,645 miles as they #RaceTheMoon.

#The4CS #RaceTheMoon at #YourRaceYourPace

Mission Event Race The Moon

““I’ve never lost a game. I just ran out of time.”

– Michael Jordan”

#RaceTheMoon at #YourRaceYourPace

The ultimate mission will see Challengers combine to #RaceTheMoon.

Who will be complete the mission first, the Challenger or the Moon, as both go head to head in race totalling 1.5 million miles.

Are you ready to part of the Mission?

RTM Mission Partners

“Usually, if you start a movement, someone will feel the desire to join you on a mission.”

SP Moon Phase 1
SP Moon Phase 2
SP Moon Phase 3
SP Moon Phase 4

RTM Mission Control

Race The Moon

Grosvenor House, 104 Watergate Street, Chester, Cheshire, CH1 2LF, Planet Earth.


Race The Moon is proud to support the following organisations, through volunteering, fundraising, sponsorship and donations:

Caudwell Children, Cure Parkinson’s Trust (UK), European Parkinson’s Disease Association (UK), Parkinson’s Care and Support UK, Parkinson’s UK, Parkinson’s Association of Alberta (Canada), Parkinson’s Wellness Project (Canada) U-Turn Parkinson’s (Canada), and Sandiway Primary School.